Brexit and prorogation

As everyone probably knows, there’s a lot of controversy over Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue the British Parliament. The Left in the UK, meaning primarily the Labour Party, are having fits, and launching into their overheated rhetoric, just like our ‘homegrown’ left does at every opportunity. There has been talk, like ‘Boris Johnson wasn’t legitimately elected’ so he has no authority to take this action. And when the Queen duly issued the necessary document declaring that the Parliament was to be prorogued, of course this made the ‘Remainers’ (also known as ‘Remoaners’) even more agitated.

The UK media has some good articles on the prorogue issue, and the larger question of Brexit here and a surprisingly sane take from the Guardian.

The arcane business of the UK government and its workings in the UK is a little beyond me, but I believe Boris Johnson’s action was necessary. I think the UK must leave the EU, without a Brexit ‘deal’. It remains to be seen, though, whether this will happen as promised, because of the machinations of the Remainer faction as well as the potential actions of the EU; they technically still have a right to come back with some kind of ‘deal’ offer.

Also, another piece from David Collins at Brexit Central.

6 thoughts on “Brexit and prorogation

  1. “Brexit” is just a distraction. Old Britain’s got real problems beyond EU membership. How will this change the debt,
    the displacement and all the distractions. We are so ignorant of our real history. Academia teaches slanderous lies. The young need to learn about saints and make some new ones. It will take moral courage to save the West.

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    1. I am just so sad.
      What will it take?
      “Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions us for better things.”
      ― Henry Ward Beecher

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    2. Puritan, I agree to some extent with you. Brexit is just one aspect, one problem out of many, and most of those problems are thorny ones, such as you mention. But if there is any possiblity of things being resolved, it will have to be one step at a time, and maybe the left-right impasse, where things seem to be locked in this permanent struggle, will see a breakthrough. Anything is possible. The current situation as in most Western countries is untenable.

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    3. We are being oppressed by our own governments and out bred, our children are being gang raped, murdered and abused, yet no MSM are reporting it. It’s blood boiling and utterly criminal.


  2. Democracy “must ” be respected, we voted to leave and leave ,we must and will. Boris Johnson should team up with Nigel Farage’s Brexit party. And that imbecile Prince Harry and his awful wife should stick to Royal duties, I have really went off these two, big time. So, come on Boris, let’s get the hell out of the corrupt E.U and never look back.


    1. Most of our present problems developed during “Democracy”. The masses are so easy to mislead by a media that feeds them smut, “bread and circuses” . How many want to take responsibility for responsible civic behavior. When whites or English are in a minority you will understand that democracy is usually a farce. Good relations with continental Europe are important for dealing with our problems.
      Morals must be respected.
      Be a real Aristocrat.


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