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The Puritans Network website has a lot of material on various related subjects, including, to my surprise, the idea of Anglo-American patriotism, or a form of ethnopatriotism.

Their Blueprint Towards an Anglo-American Nation has a good many points with which I can agree; they would probably be accepted by many on the right. However I get the impression they are very much against many of the things I would wish for. They explicitly condemn Kinism, which has been branded with the ‘r-word’, so is anathema to many mainstream Christians.

I am not a Kinist officially, although I’ve said I’m a “small-k” kinist, because I believe that the ties of kinship and ethnic roots are God-given. What with certain Christians condemning even the idea of nations as an evil, things are getting very strange. The Bible itself speaks repeatedly of nations and tribes. I suppose this would be news to some. Maybe the new translations of the Bible have substituted some other word or idea for ‘nations’ so as to confuse people.

However the Bible says that God sets the bounds of nations, meaning he creates a separation among the different and distinct nations. The mention of ‘nations’ is frequent enough that it can’t be missed. How these Bible ‘experts’ or Christian ‘leaders’ denouncing ‘ethnonationalism’ managed to be unaware of the words of Jesus, I don’t know. But they are, by condemning nationalism and ethnopatriotism, in effect, damning generations of our ancestors to hell, if it is a grave “sin” to be an ethnonationalist or patriot. All our generations of ancestors were in effect ‘ethnonationalists’ or ‘ethnopatriots’, though they may not have known those words. Loving one’s homeland has always been considered a virtue, up until this insane time, when everything is turned on its head. Loving one’s folk, one’s kinsmen, is even more important than devotion to our countr(ies).

It’s funny, how for certain peoples, loving their own folk is considered a good thing, a healthy thing, a desirable and admirable thing. But for people of European descent, it’s a ”sin.” Will it be a crime next?

We, all of us in the Western world in former Christendom desperately need to re-discover pietas. I encounter too many people who say that they ‘hate themselves’ for being White, and that they wish they were something other than White; they’ve been led to hate themselves — and yet this society officially preaches a ‘gospel’ of ”Self-Esteem” — what a mockery. Only certain people are constantly shamed and disparaged in the media and in schools and in the workplace. What’s wrong with this picture?

As to the Puritans Network, I plan to read their materials, though I can see that I am not exactly on the same page. I think their website is worth visiting and perusing if you are interested in Puritanism and/or Anglo-American roots. Really those of us who are English-descended should be on the same page, at least on the important issues. It’s a shame that our cultural Marxist orhtodoxy puts us at odds with one another in some ways, even within families.

Ironic, because on one side of my family most of my ancestors were English Puritans, and I have read and profited by Puritans such as Richard Baxter and William Gurnall. Gurnall wrote The Christian in Complete Armour, a book from which I’ve found inspiration.

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    1. Did not know Brad Littlejohn wrote on ‘national conservatism’ before. At MereOrthodoxy Littlejohn has “A National Conservative Awakening” and “In Defense of Nationalism: Notes on Yoram Hazony and His Critics”, among other articles on the Reformation. https://mereorthodoxy.com/author/brad-littlejohn/

      Some quotes from Littlejohn:
      “Moreover, Hazony insists, it is one thing to wax lyrical about America as a multiculturalist “melting pot,” but the fact remains that at least until very recently, the “dominant tribe” has remained “an English-speaking nation whose constitutional and religious traditions were originally rooted in the Bible, Protestantism, republicanism, and the common law of England”; over time, “new tribes have been adopted into this same American nation” but not to the extent of undermining its identity as a nation in Hazony’s sense.”

      What’s at stake? “In other words, our chief loyalty is still toward communities that we can feel as extensions of ourselves, and these communities have trained us to revere certain American political documents and principles—but once those communities collapse, and we no longer feel reason to defer to their values, so will our commitment to “the American experiment.””

      Littlejohn asks, “Should America become a majority-minority nation, or—more decisively—should it lose its confidence in the culture and traditions that have actually sustained our political order over two and a half centuries, our abstract ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy would quickly cease to have motivating force to maintain a viable political identity or set of mutual loyalties. Which, come to think of it, sounds an awful lot like a diagnosis of our present condition.”
      I’ve come to feel the same unease…


    2. Bonnyblue, There’s practically no one advocating an AngloProt Interest besides this blog and maybe a couple others. Is there anyway we can contact you perhaps by ‘anonymous’ email?

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    3. Hello

      I would like to get in on this. A Puritan propaganda website. I could include columns on English Protestants generally. What would you like me to talk about. Any suggestions from anyone out there. I am thinking of avoiding modern political nonsense as much as possible. Nice reaffirming heritage. There are so many important Anglo Protestant figures ,saints and cultural concepts that are alien to the people. I have health limitations so it could be troublesome but I think it would be worth it.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning the website. The goal is stated at http://www.puritans.net/articles/Goal%20of%20Committees%20of%20Correspondence%20in%20Every%20State%20of%20the%20USA.htm : “to create a network of Committees of Correspondence in every State of the USA, towards the realization of a confederated USA of Anglo-American patriot States, under the Articles of Confederation (America’s first constitution), with America’s first national flag (the Continental Colors or Grand Union Flag) as the symbol of our enterprise.”

    If Zionists were successful in re-establishing a Jewish nation, it is possible for Anglo-Americans to re-establish an Anglo-American nation : http://www.puritans.net/lessons-from-the-zionist-movement-for-anglo-american-patriots/.

    There is good reason to believe this modern Babel will fall and divide into ethnic homeland nations, of which the chief will be the Anglo-American nation, even as the Soviet Union fell and divided into ethnic homeland nations.

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