Puritans vs. Cavaliers, 1868

R.W. Thompson, himself a descendant of Cavalier ancestors in the South, gave an address in 1868 on the merits of the Puritans. It seems in those days the rancor was not at today’s levels, and each side could find admirable qualities in the other side. Thompson said, of the controversy:

This is no time for disturbing the dust in the graves of our fathers: — let them sleep, until he who will call the nations before his bar shall re-form and re-animate it. The work which lies before is is enough to demand our united energies. The labor of our fathers must not be lost by neglect, at our hands. We must see that there be no chilling frost to wither the fruit of the Great Protestant Reformation. We must take care that liberty is preserved, in all its variety of forms. There must be no hesitancy or halting in the contest between truth and error — right and wrong; –between Protestantism and all the forms of antagonism by which it may be assailed. We must not forget the responsibilities resting upon us, and growing out of our position.
[…]We are the inheritors of a richer legacy than was ever bequeathed to any other people.

4 thoughts on “Puritans vs. Cavaliers, 1868

  1. Seems like there’s a need to genuinely retrieve and rehabilitate American Puritanism? The Anglican project, after all, consisted of the English Church being the ‘bulwark of Protestantism’ (a theological center backed by law) while others kept informal, fraternal, and cultural ties to her. Religious liberty (or Toleration) was designed within such a framework, and I think American Episcopalians spent energy trying to adapt and amplify its voluntary practices it to the conditions of the Free Church, reflected with early talks that led to the Chicago Quadrilateral or William Muhlenberg before. Anyway, more continuity is needed with Puritanism than forcing wedges.

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    1. If it were not for white Anglo-Saxon people, the world would be in a far worse place than it is today, this we do know ! People came over and built iron works, towns & cities and had to put up with the weather, natives, plagues and all sorts, yet we did it. Our ancestors would be turning in their graves if they knew about the N.W.O. and their hatred and persecution of our white working class citizens right now.

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    2. No doubt they’d be turning over in their graves. This is why keeping a memory of the past is so important. Hence, denominations have more advantage than charismatic ‘community’ churches and such.

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  2. America functioned when it was a “Wasp” nation.
    Real Americans should regroup and defend there culture. They have real grievances. Their laws have been used against them, subverted from within by parasites and wholly disregarded.

    New English Theology might be the best writings ever.

    What have all the immigrants produced that might be of long term value.

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