‘Who the English are’

The young English lady who made this video gives a very accurate definition of just who is English — though the powers-that-be in the UK seem to be trying to confuse the issue of
English ethnicity: the Guardian article I link to above boasts that ’90 percent’ of England thinks that Englishness is “not about color”. I’m somewhat skeptical about that claim, but I don’t underestimate the power of 24/7/365 propaganda.

The young woman whose video I link to above (sorry I can’t embed the video) tells us that she has been told by various people that ‘English is not an ethnicity‘ or the English people do not exist. As she says, such nonsense denies her an ethnic identity. And this is the attitude  that seems to be official policy in the UK: make un-persons of the English, who, after all, are the core people of the United Kingdom.

Something similar is  happening to ‘heritage Americans’, specifically Anglo-Saxon Americans, who are often told that they don’t exist, having become so completely absorbed into the ”melting pot”, the mixum-gatherum that the United States has supposedly become. And it seems that many Americans have unilaterally declared that anybody who is a native-born, English-speaking American, of Northern European descent, qualifies as ‘Anglo-Saxon’. I maintain that this, too, robs the actual “Anglo-Saxon Americans” of their identity and ethnicity. Why is it that this seems to be an important part of ‘the Agenda”?

The Guardian article linked above makes it clear that the goal in the UK is to make the English identity ‘more inclusive’, in other words, to strip the term English of its actual meaning, so that it can be applied to anybody on English soil.  Ironically, though, Anglo-Saxon Americans (or Canadians, or Australians) would not be considered English, their ancestry notwithstanding,  if they were not born in England or naturalized.

Our ancestors are spinning in their graves, I am sure.

A people who have lost the power to even identify themselves, and who are defined by others with an agenda of their own, risk becoming ‘un-persons.’ But then that’s the way this process is designed to work: replace a population, and write them out of history.



3 thoughts on “‘Who the English are’

  1. I have always loved our great English history and heritage and think it should be taught in our schools and taught with much pride, instead of other foreign literature . We must do all we can to protect our once beautiful towns and cities from the evil of other cultures and false religions and anti Christ invasion.

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  2. Love it when you connect questions back to America’s founding-stock. Recently discovered my own direct ancestry to the Maryland English in the 1650’s. We desperately need to articulate an American Nationalism based on a historical past or, as Towler advises, reconnecting ethnicity to nation, at least, by degree.

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