Is Brexit effectively dead now?

Bruce Charlton’s take on the latest dismaying Brexit developments is a rather pessimistic one, and yet it’s hard to disagree with what he says. I don’t pretend to be as knowledgeable as he is on this issue; after all, I’m an American, viewing the ongoing story from a vantage point far away, culturally as well as geographically. But it seems he is right in his general assessment of the situation.

He laments the inaction and seeming apathy of the British population, and I think, sad to say, that he’s right in saying that no Western country is in any better shape spiritually, and that the problem is essentially a spiritual one, that must be addressed by spiritual means.

“All of the West are the same godless materialistic hedonists; all ruled by the exact same Global Establishment with the same anti-Christian agenda.

And such spiritless people as mass modern atheistic Leftist Western Men will never (they physically cannot) motivate-themselves to do anything better than consume and be consumed-by the plans of the mass media and state propaganda.

We can only be saved by a Christian awakening – that has not changed.”

Obviously this will not be a popular idea in the secular, materialistic West but as time goes on and the situation in our respective countries deteriorates, a solution by political methods seems less and less possible every day. I would qualify that to say that we can’t look to human means to save the day.

In any case, the piece by Bruce Charlton, and the linked piece by William Wildblood are both worth reading.

Will Theresa May step down?

First, my apologies to anyone who is still checking in on this blog; I had hoped to be posting more regularly by now, but circumstances haven’t allowed it.

It’s been nearly impossible to keep up with the twists and turns in the Brexit saga; according to some sources, Theresa May is being asked to step down. Will this mean that Brexit will finally happen, after all this time? Or will it require the “jaws of life” to extract May from office? Can she just refuse to comply with her cabinet’s requests?

I’ve come to believe that all the Western leaders are answerable to someone else beside their electorate(s) and that they merely do someone else’s bidding; the real power-holders are behind the scenes. Or is that a ”conspiracy theory” and am I guilty of wrongthink?

As the majority of the British electorate chose to vote for Brexit, by rights it should be a ‘done deal’; it should have taken place long ago. If this whole scenario drags on for an indeterminate period of time, it would seem to prove that the will of the people of the UK is being flouted and defied. If there is to be any semblance of honesty or respect for the laws of the land, it would seem that those who have been impeding the process of exiting the EU will reveal themselves for what they are, and I would hope that the majority who voted for Brexit will not be quite so patient with the obstructionists who refuse to accept the results of the Brexit vote.