The latest on Brexit

The Washington Post may think it’s a ‘disaster’ for both the UK and the U.S., but it looks like good news to me. Fox News, though hardly on ‘our side’, thinks that

A ‘no deal’ Brexit is best for Britain and the United States

From the Express:

Brexit vote result: Nigel Farage argues Theresa May should RESIGN after crushing defeat

From Kipper Central:

Wasted Years: Batten SLAMS “Engineered Betrayal” of Brexit

“The vote tonight follows “2 and a half wasted years” engaged in a process “based on the false premise that you cant leave the EU without a deal,” Mr Batten continued.He appealed to people to join UKIP to save Brexit and our democracy as Parliament is “now putting itself in opposition to the people.”

A commenter on the above says:

“After this – the Tories and Labour are toast, as we enter the age of the populist parties.”