Brexit and ‘the phlegmatic English’

At the Albion Awakening blog, there’s an interesting piece about the phlegmatic English people, as Terry Boardman describes them, and the Brexit situation.

Will Brexit become a reality, after more than two years have passed? It was 2016 when the British people voted to leave the EU, and still no exit from the European Union. It increasingly looks as if the will of the British people is being flouted. It appears that there has been an effort to simply stall on Brexit.

In so many internet discussions, it’s common to find Americans criticizing what they see as the passivity of the British or English people in not reacting more strongly to the situation, in which the UK government seems to be denying the will of the majority of citizens. But is the reaction of the people (or lack thereof)  “passivity?” Or is it patience?

Read the article at Albion Awakening for Terry Boardman’s explanation. I tend to agree with it.


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