I hope there are still a few persistent souls who have checked in on this blog. To those who may still be interested in reading this blog, my apologies for the long absence.

I hope I will be posting regularly soon, though maybe not frequently.  Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Hello

  1. Great news! I’ve put off blogging for more than a year but am sometimes more frequent in posting. Consider it an archive if otherwise inactive. I’d really like to see this blog linked at other altright and RxN sites. We are perhaps the most invisible minority (maybe even invisible blogs!). Meanwhile, thought you might enjoy this podcast– a recent interview with professor Fraser– some of which artfully deals with problems you’ve likewise articulated (the German Question).

    First half a bit speculative regarding the mindset and psychology of the modern Anglo-Saxon in Fraser’s search for a metapolitic. Also, interviewers have a tendency to project and vet their own ideas rather than flesh out Fraser’s. However, the radio show picks up midway and an Anglo-Saxon project is finally substantially broached. Worth the hour or so of listening. This very project which Fraser describes is what I’ve been working on for the last three years as we think in terms of ‘Island Communities’ and the Anglo-diaspora. Very cool how the hosts conclude the show with the song “Northwest Passage” (aren’t we all seeking that…I happen to live near Drake’s landing). Some important observations on contemporary WASP pathology in WN.

    The Radio Show (Modern Myth of the 20th Century) is linked here as podcast:

    52.30 min: WASP activism in WN. Universalism within ‘generic white’.
    59 min: Anglicanism can be part of solution regarding contextualization and tradition. Alright has yet to tap into religiosity of American experience by a ‘new religious settlement’.
    1hr 22min: Unity in Anglo-sphere. Need to think in terms of diaspora and why religious side of English/British identity needs to be reconstituted.
    1hr 24min: Island Communities but need to build bridges between.
    1hr 26min Host talks about ‘size’ and rebuilding traditions locally, Ex. Yule Festivals with Scandanavians. as ‘bridges’.
    1hr 32min need for a Patriot King and where monarchy might be useful.
    1hr 34min. Do WASPs still have an ethnic core or merely ‘brand’.
    1hr 35min. The German Question
    1hr 46min drawing lines on Empire
    1hr 54min How America might be reconfigured (balk-right)

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