Events in England

I trust everyone has heard about the arrest and imprisonment of activist Tommy Robinson for ‘breach of the peace’. I’ve said before that I don’t agree with ‘civic nationalism’ because it is false — multicultural ‘nationalism’ is a contradiction in terms.

I was never a fan of Robinson because his ‘English Defence League’ made quite a show of being ‘diverse and inclusive’ in membership, and displaying Israeli flags and Zionist symbols. However, all that aside, the question of his right to free speech,  his right to legal representation, and a proper trial are real concerns. The UK appears to have become a de facto police state where citizens, especially native-born White citizens, have few, if any, rights.

So even though Tommy Robinson is not a real nationalist, or may be a ‘plant’, the fact that he is being dealt with so harshly is something that should concern us, those of us who care about the UK, or England (remember that place called England?).

When the story broke about Robinson, a lot of the comments online seemed to question why on earth the UK authorities appear to repress native-born citizens and to flagrantly side with aliens, even those accused (and convicted) of heinous crimes against young girls (and boys), native-born English/British children. This is unconscionable. What kind of government does this?

The answer may be in something called the Lancaster Plan, which I posted about a few times on this blog and my other one — and no one commented. I don’t know if that was because people disbelieved the idea of such a plan existing, but if true, it would certainly explain what is going on with the UK and its feckless, spineless ‘leadership.’ So I will offer this link wherein the writer again recounts the outlines of the Lancaster plan, and please note a comment near the bottom of the page, posted a few days ago, in which the writer offers a little more information and a link. Food for thought.