Enoch Powell on Britain in the EU

Powell is speaking below about Britain joining, in 1973, what was then called the European Economic Community, or EEC. Sounds benign enough, doesn’t it? But he saw it for what it was: ultimately a surrender of sovereignty.  (The EEC as such is no more; it is the EU.)

“I was born a Tory, am a Tory and shall die a Tory. I never yet heard that it was any part of the faith of a Tory to take the institutions and liberties, the laws and customs which this country has evolved over centuries and merge them with those of eight other nations into a new-made artificial state, and what is more to do so without the willing approbation and consent of the nation.”

As usual he was more far-sighted and perceptive than most of his contemporaries and his warnings weren’t heeded.


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