Britain ‘always multilingual’?

Well, of course England has always been ‘multilingual’ if it was ‘always multiracial’ as the true-believing multicultist academics assert.

In fact the blogger who wrote the article quoted at the link claims that all of the British Isles were ‘multilingual’, always. And the blogger, who is a British academic, boasts of how many re-tweets she got when she tweeted this assertion (to rebut the contrary claims of a Brexit supporter). She says she got over 600 retweets and ‘1,500 likes’. How many of those likes and re-tweets  were from immigrants? Probably a majority, and the rest were true-believing multicultis, many of them probably fellow academics, maybe colleagues of hers.

The blogger (whom I will not link) also disparages Richard Spenser, calling him a ‘White supremacist’ and alludes to others of like mind, and presumably Spencer himself, as a ‘racist’. I am certain she would include me in that category as well; anybody who actually believes England and the British Isles to have been historically White is called a “racist” by the left. Stating that simple fact is prima facie evidence of ”racism” in their (bigoted) book. Spencer’s tweet:

spencer tweet_2017-10-10_232822

The blogger claims it isn’t clear which ‘invasion of the British Isles’ Spencer is talking about. Actually, Ms Academic, he says his ancestors ‘conquered England’ not ‘invaded the British Isles.‘ Rather an important distinction there. I thought precision and accuracy were important to scholars, but apparently not these days, or not when scoring points against vile racists. Sloppy use of language there, Madame Professor.

England is not identical with Britain, nor is England interchangeable with ‘the British Isles’. Invading is not conquering. Apparently Spenser is implying he is a descendant of the Normans who conquered England in 1066. His surname would imply that anyway; the name Spencer is from the Norman ‘De Spencer’ or ‘Le Despenser’, surnames which figure prominently at certain points in English history. Lots of descendants of that Norman family live here in the U.S., at least judging from the commonness of that surname.

So Richard Spencer is saying that he is a descendant of Normans and that people like him belong more truly to England than the current tide of immigrants and ‘refugees’ who are making Britain (not just England) a multiracial, multilingual, true Tower of Babel.

As for Richard Spencer himself, I’m ambivalent about him. Is he, as some say, an ‘operative’, a plant, or otherwise not to be trusted? A self-promoter? I don’t know. However, this universal leftist practice of calling anyone who is not an anti-White leftist a ”white supremacist” and ”racist” is wrong. I would think that a professor, an academic and ”scholar” should use language with precision, and use words accurately. This rhetoric of calling ideological enemies ‘racists’ and ‘supremacists’ is either carelessness with words, or it is malicious misuse of words, using them as weapons. But then the word ‘racist’ was invented by leftists in the late 1930s for precisely that purpose: to discredit people who held traditional attitudes about their race and people, to criminalize or ”demonize” normal bonds between kinsmen.

Being patriotic and loyal to one’s own folk or race is not ‘supremacist’; if so, most of the world’s normal people are ‘supremacists’ of their own race, and ”racists” to boot. There should be a term for people who want ‘people of color’ to dominate the planet; what should they be called? Because make no mistake, the left wants to ensure that White people dwindle in numbers to the point of insignificance, or to see that they become mixed  to the point of disappearing into the ‘rising tide of color’ as Lothrop Stoddard, I think, termed the growing numbers of nonwhites.

The blogger and her kind are people ”without natural affections”, to use a phrase from the Bible, without normal emotional ties to their own kind, and especially without loyalties to their living folk and their ancestors. Their progeny will, if they have their way, will either be absorbed into the nonwhite population, and probably have no knowledge of their White ancestry, or they will live as miserable outcastes in a majority-nonwhite world.

As for the rest of the blogger’s piece, it’s the usual academic twaddle meant to promote the globalist/leftist agenda and narrative, and to discredit anyone who is a ‘linguistic nationalist’, because being a nationalist in any way may indicate that the target is guilty of being an ethnopatriot.

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