Old Scandinavian influence on the English

The writer of the following piece, from a 1908 issue of Mentor Magazine, believes the old Scandinavians had more influence on the English spirit or character than is generally thought.


The writer appears to have a less-than-admiring attitude towards the Anglo-Saxons, who are now popularly thought to be the most significant element of the English folk and their character. The article’s writer believes the Danes and Norwegians are the source of the characteristics we associate with the English.

But we have to wonder what happened to the “bold, independent character” of the Scandinavians, as they seem to have developed in recent years into a passive, docile people unwilling to oppose the invasion of their countries and the imposition of what appears to be second-class status on the native Scandinavians. But then again, this kind of condition seems to be almost universal across Europe, and for that matter in all countries which were originally made up of European-descended people.

I often wonder about this question: is the character or the spirit of a people genetic, and if so, is it passed down through generations — or can it be subverted by means of propaganda, dysgenics, and what amounts to psychological/spiritual warfare? Could the original character of these peoples re-assert itself, or can it be restored by conscious effort? Can decades, even centuries or manipulation be reversed?


I would like to think that the original spirit of a people is dormant, not extinguished forever, and that given the right conditions it can be resurgent. But it remains to be seen.

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