So much of the news coming out of the UK is distressing these days, as well as depressing.

Example: this story about a young girl, a Christian, being placed in foster care with a Moslem family, where she is being de-Christianized.

“Members of Parliament have demanded an urgent inquiry after it emerged a five-year-old Christian girl had been forced to live with strict Muslim foster carers.

The girl, who speaks English as her first language, has been cared for by two different Muslim families in the past six months. One family reportedly told her to remove her crucifix necklace and prevented her from eating carbonara because it contained bacon. She was also told to learn Arabic and was begging not to go back to the family because “they do not speak English”.

The story continues with the information that her natural family have spent the last six months pleading with the Tower Hamlets council to allow her to be placed with other blood relatives. So far it seems the appeals have been in vain.

I’ve heard that Tower Hamlets is Moslem-dominated, and this Wikipedia information confirms that:

‘Tower Hamlets has the highest proportion of Muslims in England outnumbering the Christians, and has more than 40 mosques and Islamic centres. The East London Mosque, one of the first mosques in Britain allowed to broadcast the adhan and is one of the biggest Islamic centres in Europe.”

Considering the demographics of the borough and the Council, as well as their majority political views (Labour), it would seem that a Christian family could not expect to be treated favorably.

It’s a cliche these days, when confronted with an outrage like this, to say ‘imagine if the situation were reversed!’ We know that non-Moslems, specifically White people of Christian backgrounds, lean over backwards to accommodate minorities, especially Moslems in the UK. I don’t think that the reverse situation, that is, a Moslem child placed in a very religious Christian home, would ever be allowed to happen. The authorities in the UK as in most Western, once-Christian countries, are too intimidated — or is it besotted by? — Moslems and other exotic peoples to ever do anything but appease them, at the expense of their own fellow native Britons.

This is baffling when we consider it, asking ourselves how things reached their present state — unless we consider the possibility, which I’ve raised before, that some kind of deal has already been struck. I mean that the political classes, corrupt as they are, might have in fact capitulated, ceded control of at least certain areas of the country, and the citizenry are just not being informed yet. Now they are seemingly learning to accept their new inferior status as a fait accompli.

Or, putting the most innocuous face possible on it, this absurd obsession with equality, this willful blindness towards real differences, causes these true-believer officials to pretend that religion, race, culture, and even sex, are all superficial things which must not be taken into account. We are all interchangeable. We are all one race, all God’s children, we all bleed red.

To think that up until maybe the mid-to-late 20th century, Britain was a very Christian country. I know that very few people identify as Christians in today’s Britain, and fewer attend Church or maintain any kind of Christian practices or traditions. I wonder if, given the sad state of the educational system (as in the United States as well) many young people know of the great men of the Christian faith who came from Britain, men like Richard Baxter, or Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

“When Charles Spurgeon died in January 1892, London went into mourning. Nearly 60,000 people came to pay homage during the three days his body lay in state at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. Some 100,000 lined the streets as a funeral parade two miles long followed his hearse from the Tabernacle to the cemetery. Flags flew at half-staff and shops and pubs were closed.”

Imagine anything like that today.

We’ve become an amnesiac people, all of us in the West. The younger generations have no idea of their past, and are now prey to all the lies that underlie our decaying society.

And the little girl who is being sacrificed to ‘holy diversity’ or ‘sacred equality’ — she and others like her are the casualties.



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