Is There a European Personality Type?

Psychological research supports Spengler’s idea, elaborated by Duchesne, that Europeans have a uniquely Faustian personality.

Source: Is There a European Personality Type?

I’ve long been convinced each race, or even each ethnicity, tends to have a certain characteristic personality or personality type. Just simple observation over the years seems to make that obvious, though the people who deny the importance of heredity and those who deny that race is real would dispute the existence of certain distinctive traits for each race — or the various ethnicities within a race.

The Myers-Briggs personality typing system as referenced in the article seems to be a useful way of assessing people, and according to the linked article, Europeans and European-descended people are more likely to fall into certain types, with the ‘Intuitive Thinking’ preference being more common.

My own Myers-Briggs test results (I’ve tested several times over the years) shows me as an ‘Intuitive Thinking’ type, INTP to be exact.

The writer of the article says that the Intuitive Thinking type is most commonly associated with the ‘Faustian spirit’ which is most exemplified by people of European descent.

I wonder if there have been any studies done as to the patterns across the different European ethnicities. I would guess that certain types are more common amongst certain ethnic groups. For instance, it’s often been said that the English (specifically the English, not the ‘British’, which includes various ethnicities) tend more towards introversion, as contrasted to Americans’ extroversion.

Certainly not all Europeans are the same as to their characteristic personality types; if culture reflects the people, then European cultures certainly differ in various ways, though there is still a commonality.

But as a people, our unique qualities should be something we want to preserve, and that isn’t a matter of just passing on our ‘culture’ to whoever inhabits our country after we are gone. A ‘mixed multitude’ America (or Britain, or Canada, etc.) would not in any way be the same country; only we can preserve and pass on our culture because it is genetic to a great extent. Our genetic inheritance has to be preserved.

When people of European descent are juxtaposed to people of other races, their distinctive qualities are made more obvious. Maybe that is one of the few useful things about ‘diversity’ — it makes some of us more conscious of the fact that we have qualities that set us apart from others; we are obviously not ‘all the same under the skin’, though some, bizarrely, insist on claiming that we are.

Maybe the diversity-mongers have produced unintended consequences when they began this forced experiment in social/genetic meddling; they may unwittingly have fostered ‘nationalism’ and awareness of true human biodiversity.

2 thoughts on “Is There a European Personality Type?

  1. INTP fits your writing. The introverted thinker once they have arrived at a conclusion, tends to be very persistent and will quickly recognize false ideas that don’t fit. You have always been very strong at rejecting the siren song of diversity or PC in whatever guise it hides.

    You have also seen that we can’t unilaterally disarm emotions like anger, fear and hate that are given to us to protect us from precisely the type of persistent foe we face. Your INTP id makes a great deal of sense on this. As an INTP you see that unilateral disarmament of our emotions of self-defense and survival means our destruction. So disarming our emotions is out, since it results in our destruction. QED.

    Our enemies are even more fixed and determined to crush us by taking away these defenses. They have not had to struggle through these ideas the last 10+ years. They have been operating on a firm plan for centuries or millennia with conviction to enslave and destroy Whites, as well as each separate White nationality.

    This is why your resolve and ability to see through deceptions that weaken us is so vital to our cause. You are not distracted by the latest fashion of the libertarians or human biodiversity groups. You help keep many in our cause to the architectural vision you have of our victory. I believe we can preserve White homelands for our separate White nationalities and this is one of the most critical parts of your vision. We really need to use our separate European nationalities as a strength.

    Each nationality can recognize its own and can unify in the time left to take real action to prevent our demise. Our foes alternate between gloating and fear we might yet make a come back. It is through the support of our own ethno-national groups that we will find the unity of purpose to defeat them. This is one of the most important insights you have provided in your writing.

    Your architectural vision also shows their vision as well in contrast. They are not our secret guardians or the guardians of mankind. They use deception because their intent is to destroy us. They use secret societies to conceal from the members that it is run by an alien group bent on our utter destruction.

    Their methods fit their plan and who they are. They fit where they come from. They fit where they want to go. They fit their plan to utterly destroy us. Nor will our existence between now and our destruction be pleasant or secure. It will be constant loss and humiliation. We can see that from comparing their vision of how they fight to yours of how we fight back.

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