The picture says it all


Above is Theresa May, Prime Minister of the UK, wearing an Islamic-style head-covering, apparently talking with ‘community leaders.’ The headscarf, as well as the conciliatory, supplicating body language, seems to tell the tale. This obvious weakness and spinelessness enabled what happened in London yesterday.

Theresa May represents the Conservative [sic] party of her country. That says something about what passes as conservative.

The tale told by the photo also illustrates that women do not make good heads of state as a rule. Yet most of the male political leaders are little better, and just as weak and feminized and submissive.

Some might argue with my statement about women as leaders, citing, in the British context, Margaret Thatcher or Elizabeth I. Thatcher was called ‘the Iron Lady’ but yet she also played her part in stepping up immigration, as, similarly her friend Ronald Reagan did in America, with his 1986 amnesty.

Even if we accept that there have been exceptional women in the past who made good, strong leaders, I would say that today’s supposedly ”strong” women are not made of the same stuff as those of past eras.

The problem is that our societies, both in the U.S. and the UK, have become feminized overall; the ‘feminine’ qualities such as operating on feelings rather than reason and common sense, the emphasis on self-sacrificing altruism (or at least an outward show of it) and the idea of ‘reaching out’ to others and achieving consensus.

It all fits hand in glove with the hyper-masculine Islamic culture which seeks to subjugate others, to compel submission (as the very word Islam means submission). They have a will to dominate and our societies lack an equal will to resist.

Again, as I watch this slow-motion destruction of Britain or of our country, I can’t help thinking, yet again, of the ‘Lancaster Plan’, about which I posted. Granted, it’s only an alleged plan, but if it were true would the British political class admit it? Honestly?

Since I posted about the Lancaster Plan, I came across a mention on another blog. Someone submitted a quote from a commenter at the counter-jihad blog Gates of Vienna.

From a comment by someone at GoV called “Bishop Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres TOCC UK”

“Europe will be Islamic by 2023 if no rebellion ensues. The British Police are already receiving training to that effect. Local informant. This is the whole point of Sharia compliant hate law and diversity training and the ridiculous respect given to Moslems and their religious feelings.

In UK it is called the Lancaster (House) Plan. Yes it does exist but is being applied to all of Europe. I have been warning of these events for years but summarily dismissed a “loony”, even by fellows in the supposed “Counter Jihad”….

“Lancaster House” is used by British Government and FO to implement Lancaster House Plans in cases like Rhodesia and Mugabe, but also more recent events. The handover to India in 1947 was such a “Lancaster Plan (John of Gaunt), as was Northern Ireland and the devolution of independence to Scotland. Nobody wants to believe me despite 23 years researching the subject and ancient Medieval history (MA Hons) and Islam and holding an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity etc.”

As events unfold, I see this allegation as being more and more believable. I wish I felt it was just more ‘conspiracy’ looniness but the fact is, so many of the conspiracy theories have proven to be conspiracy fact.

Whether it is literally true, this Lancaster Plan, whether it is something which is planned, already a fait accompli, or whether it’s just a big coincidence that reality is lining up with ‘conspiracy theory’, it seems to be happening.




5 thoughts on “The picture says it all

  1. The photo I want to see is the muslim beard guys wearing the head scarf, instead- on thier knees before Theresa May in supplication. Then pack up and scoot back to thier own countries before something very bad happens to them.

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  2. Women will step up when Men don’t. Or when men have made such a serious mess of things and can’t get it together and trust is gone. Even other men don’t want to follow a man in those cases. But women do things how they do them.

    We aren’t in the mess we are because of women. This blaming women business doesn’t bare out. I don’t like getting too deeply into this discussion but it keeps repeating in the Alt-Right.

    I do agree that saving, restoring and protecting the U.K. is a Man’s job. And right now men aren’t doing it and haven’t been doing the job. They are wearing the head scarf for these Muslims as well.


    1. You have a point; as I believe I said, the male politicians aren’t much better.
      But I think it’s pretty clear that society seems to be exhibiting more female qualities which are not what is sorely needed now.


  3. yes, the male politicians and other kinds of males look lovely in their hijabs. And when fellas blame the ladies for doing what ladies do- especially when they have no males protecting anything .- it completes the picture.


  4. English men are law abiding. They are looking at thier leaders and police and military ( mostly not females) to save them and the homeland or give them permission to save it themselves. That permission is not coming. But the English man’s primordial instincts are correct. At some point he will act on them- and those authorities holding him back, forcing him to wear a hijab and keeping him from protecting his homeland and his women and children will not have a chance.Not even with all thier training and equipment.


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