‘Nation of immigrants’?

It’s a longstanding claim in America that this country is a ‘nation of immigrants’, a claim without much validity in my opinion. But there is even less validity to the now-frequent claim that Britain is, and has always been, a ‘nation of immigrants’ or a ‘multicultural nation.’

Patrick Cleburne has a piece about this at VDare, linking to a National Geographic article which refutes that claim nicely, supported by new genetic information that has come to light in the last decade or so.

The information cited in the article (which I linked to on this blog, in an earlier post) has been available long enough that you’d think the ‘nation of immigrants’ or ‘multiracial Britain’ canards would be discredited by now. But no, these brazen assertions live on. Why? Because of the globalists’ determination to do away with nations as we have known them, and to destroy the concept of race or ethnos. ‘We are all one race: the human race.’ The shameless big lie, as always.

Can reality be denied forever? It would seem not; I’d like to think not, but the globalist/Kalergists are determined to keep on trying to efface reality altogether.



3 thoughts on “‘Nation of immigrants’?

  1. A good post and a good article. The article, though short does make the case from genetic studies> That the English are not a nation of immigrants, actually it surprising to see just how far back into time the genetics do in fact go. Anyway, The Reich Was Right!!


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