‘New England and Old England’

If you have colonial ancestors who came to this continent from the British Isles, this book may be of interest to you. Towns of New England and Old England can be found on Archive.org.

Written by Allan Forbes, the book was published in 1921 on the occasion of the 300-year anniversary of the Pilgrims’ landing at the present site of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The book was of personal interest to me because one of the towns which my forefathers helped to found is profiled in the book. Surnames that are part of my ancestral line are mentioned in the story of the town of Andover, Massachusetts. This history is familiar to me because our family lineages are well-documented and known to us, but there are tidbits about the town of Andover and its namesake in Andover, Hampshire back in England.

It’s well worth a look for those interested in the colonial history of this country. There is a Volume II also, which, though I haven’t checked yet, may also be found on Archive. org.


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