On the decline of London

“In the five decades since I first came to London, so much has changed. I remember enough of the past to regret the passing of that age when power and influence made London throb and hum and count for much more in the affairs of the world.

Five decades ago, London was a grimy, sooty, bomb-scarred city, with less food, fewer cars, and deprived of the conveniences of the consumer society. But the people, then homogeneous, white, and Christians, were admirable, self-confident and courteous.

From that well-mannered Britain to the yobs and football hooligans of the 1990s took only 40 years. I learned that civilised living does not come about naturally. There are other significant changes. Britain is now multi-racial, multi-lingual and multi-religious. Churches are nearly empty on Sundays with many deconsecrated and converted into places of entertainment while some 500 mosques are filled to capacity on Fridays, the Muslim Sabbath.”

– Lee Kuan Yew, “The Post-war Breaking of the British Civic Spirit

Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore, was a very perceptive man, and had quite a bit to say in his time about multiculturalism; though he himself was of a very different world he did appreciate the British tradition and its contribution to his part of the world.

So many commenters online blame Britain (and also our own country or any Anglosphere country) for the sad state in which we find ourselves. I keep reading comments saying that Anglo-descended peoples in particular are somehow the architects of this globalist nightmare, or that we/’they’ are especially stupid, passive, or corrupt, thus bringing about the decline into multicult chaos and squalor.

I don’t think this is fair; it’s pretty clear that Anglosphere countries have been special targets of the globalists/Kalergists, bombarding us with propaganda and going all-out with the social engineering schemes. To paraphrase what Jesus said in the Gospels, one has to ‘bind the strong man’ in order to ‘spoil his house.’ The Anglosphere is the area where Christianity and the traditions of personal liberty have persisted, while much of Europe capitulated to humanism and the post-Christian worldview. Therefore most of the efforts to mind-condition the population have been focused on the Anglosphere — Britain in particular, and now our country. And if we are honest, we have no room for Schadenfreude about the decline of Britain, looking at our own cities. Our descent has taken somewhat longer, for cultural reasons as well as because we are blessed with enough space to try to keep one step ahead of the forced multiculturalizing of our country. Our British cousins lack that luxury, living on a small island.

[The Lee Kuan Yew passage was quoted by commenter ‘Aristobulus’ on the Social Matter blog. A YouTube video of Lee Kuan Yew’s remarks is here.]

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