Lancaster plan: true or not?

The following appeared in a comment thread several months back; I don’t think I have posted it here previously, but if so, it’s worth posting again. The information that is presented in the following excerpt consists of ‘hearsay’ or allegations, purportedly from an informed ‘insider’ in the UK,. We can’t verify it but it has a certain plausibility about it. I leave it to my readers to judge for themselves.

Certainly the things that are going on in the UK, as well as in the United States and all Western countries seems so bizarre and perverse that it’s easy to imagine all sorts of possible explanations for what appears to be happening. How is it that ‘our’ governments, allegedly representative governments with the interests of their citizenry at heart, are seeming to openly side with aliens, even criminal outsiders as with the Rotherham, UK situation? There, we read of local law enforcement and judicial authorities actually arresting parents of the victims who complained about the unconscionable situation.

With that in mind, the following seems not impossible to believe — but it can’t be proven — as yet. If true — authorities may think they are controlling and defusing a threat but it looks suspiciously like appeasement and surrender.


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