Jeff Sessions’ ancestry

This is delicious — for me, at least, though it probably interests few others. But it does fit in with my previous post.

In the wake of the posssible nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama as Attorney-General, a commenter (on the same blog I cited in the last post) quotes a Tweet that gives the origin of Sessions’ surname. It is apparently Norman.


I say this information is ‘delicious’ because it comes in the wake of the earlier slams against Normans as in the comments I re-posted here from that blog. So where are the nasty comments now? Sessions, being a very conservative Senator, is popular on that blog; probably those who like him will be claiming that he is actually Scots-Irish. That’s the ‘in’ thing to be for many Southron Americans. Funny how these things have fads and fashions, often based on ephemeral things like popular ‘history’ books and cable TV documentaries.

But history can’t be rewritten at whim; truth is not determined by popular opinion at any given moment. As I said yesterday, the Normans are not just a historical relic; their descendants do exist in the United States, especially in the South, and it’s opportune that this information about Jeff Session’s lineage appeared to illustrate my point.

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