The Normans


The above comments are not mine; they appeared on a pro-White blog (American) recently, and though at first glance the first one may seem to be just wry humor, they both express a viewpoint which is not at all uncommon, both on American blogs and on certain British nationalist blogs I visit.

Normans are very much out of favor even in the Anglosphere countries. I’ve often wondered why, because this viewpoint. wasn’t always so emphatic. It seems that the Normans are charged and convicted with basically the same “crimes” for which the British/English are said to be guilty: they were too successful at conquest and subjugation. Certainly I’m familiar with the narrative in which William the Conqueror was said to have ruthlessly harried and subdued the Anglo-Saxon populace. But such was life in those times; maybe the Anglo-Saxons were more of a pacific people than the Normans, who were after all descendants of Norsemen, Vikings. But medieval history was rife with such conflicts; conquering and being conquered.

Today few people of English or British descent want to claim descent from Normans; it seems to be popularly assumed that the Normans actually left few descendants except for the weakened aristocratic classes or the Windsors, but even the Windsors are of mixed European (aristocratic) lineage, with lots of German blood from the Hanovers. Remember that during WWI, the Russian Czar Nicholas II, King George V of England, and Kaiser Wilhelm were all first cousins. Not much Norman descent there.

Still, because of today’s levelling spirit, which at heart is Jacobin, it’s still fashionable for both ‘right’ and left to loathe aristocracies and to exalt the ‘average’ man. The Normans are on the wrong side of history as it played out in the 20th century.

I did encounter a rare honest person, a fellow blogger from Ireland, who volunteered that he was of Norman descent, being ‘Anglo-Irish’, and that he wasn’t ashamed to say so. He was an exception to the rule; maybe the Irish, or at least the Anglo-Irish, still take pride in their Norman forebears.

The Cavalier class in the old South identified themselves, generally, as Anglo-Norman, but then they were of a different time in which being of such a background was not thought to be something that one had to apologize for or deny. John Randolph of Roanoke, that great eccentric and public figure, said (as did fellow Virginian John Taylor of Caroline) “I am an aristocrat; I love liberty. I hate equality.”

I think that statement would meet with outrage from a lot of people in 21st century America. Too often we accept the idea that equality is a valid ideal, and that any decent person believes in equality. But there is no equality in nature. Equality and freedom can’t coexist, in fact, because equality requires perpetual coercion to maintain. Some will always excel or outdo or outcompete the rest. Always. Lifting people up by artificial means can never be successful; the cream will rise to the top.

It’s easier to cut the high-achieving people down than to raise the underachievers up.

The Normans are now low men on the totem pole by popular consensus. They were the ‘tall poppies’ so down they came in the post-French revolution mind.

But where are those Normans? Here, in America, and in Australia, and Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and even in England. And that’s not to mention the Normans who still live in Normandy. But wherever people of British descent are there are people with at least some Norman blood. The Normans are not extinct.

I will have more to say about Norman descendants in the future. It seems to be an area of history and genealogy that is not much talked about.

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