Brexit delayed

I wrote about Brexit just after the passing of the measure, and it seems since then that there is increasing doubt being cast on the outcome.

Various sources, usually ‘official’ sources, scoff at the idea that there is deliberate intent to thwart the plan to exit the EU. The claims ring very hollow, however,  when it appears that a suit brought by two non-indigenous ‘British’ people will delay if not prevent the exit.

“The case was brought by British citizens Gina Miller and Deir dos Santos, a hairdresser.”

They may be British citizens, obviously citizenship is made too easy — but they are not British (or English, Scottish, or Welsh) but of foreign origin. Miller is described as a multi-millionaire, and is of Guyanese origin, while Deir dos Santos, whose name is obviously Portuguese, is Brazilian in origin.

Just for the record, the  law firm behind this is Mishcon de Reya, described as a “British” law firm with offices in New York and London. It was founded by a Victor Mishcon, and as I suspected, he was ‘the son of a rabbi’. Were his parents British-born? I can’t be bothered to look it up, because obviously some identities transcend place of birth; one can be ‘in’ a country but not ‘of’ it, which is the case here, evidently. Just a bit of trivia about Mishcon: they represented Princess Diana. And it appears they are a bit of a left-wing activist law firm.

So whichever way you cut it, there are moneyed and powerful — and foreign — interests trying their best to thwart the will of the majority of the people of Britain, that is, the rightful heirs of the country of Britain.

We have a de facto one-world government now, it seems, when foreign people with interests in opposition to the native-born majorities can exercise power and influence to such a degree. It’s as true here as there.

It remains to be seen whether Brexit will ever be put into effect, what with these machinations going on.

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