The lack of WASP advocates online

It would seem that there are enough Americans of English, or predominantly English, descent that there should be more blogs and websites which advocate for the English-descended American. But I’ve found few in my travels around the Internet. And on the many blogs I regularly read, (including comments, of course) there are precious few people who seem to care to speak up for Anglo-Saxon Americans as the latter are being criticized and raked over the coals for their/our supposed failings.

Why is that? The obvious explanation would be that most Anglo-Saxon descended Americans are so demoralized that they believe their own bad press. Many have absorbed all the negative stereotypes and respond by self-deprecation and self-abnegating ‘humor.’

I have come across a few blogs, including one Tumblr blog, which seems to be a compendium of stereotypes about New England Brahmin WASPs. The point of view is that being a ‘WASP’ amounts to wearing certain brand names of clothing (all high-end preppy stuff), playing polo, and what used to be called ‘gracious living.’ All superficial, all about image above substance. I’ve seen other blogs supposedly about WASPs with a similar theme. They have a kind of cookie-cutter quality to the content, as if there is not a real human being behind them.

That’s the stereotype they present, but there is certainly far more to being a ‘WASP’ than that. As I am constantly laboring to point out, WASPs are not necessarily upper-class, moneyed, and at the top of the heap in society. There are a great many more people who are of Anglo-Saxon descent who are ordinary people, not privileged, not snobs and spoiled society types. And can we please dispense with the idea that WASPs only inhabit New England, when it’s been pointed out that New England is not majority English by descent, except perhaps in rural areas?  I’ve cited data here and elsewhere in comment sections that English-descended Americans are a decided minority in most parts of New England, and have been for some time, since the mass immigration began in the early- to mid-1800s.

Anglo-Americans live in all parts of the United States. Boston has long since ceased to be ‘WASP central’. The Brahmins of fable are no longer the influential group they were long ago.

Note: Speaking of the lack of voices speaking for WASPs online, this came up in a comment thread at Steve Sailer’s blog, here. The whole thread is worth reading. I left a comment there in a reply to FKA Max, including the link to this blog, but it remains to be seen whether my comment will be approved.

4 thoughts on “The lack of WASP advocates online

  1. I came here from the link you left at Steve Sailer’s site.

    Regarding “there should be more blogs and websites which advocate for the English-descended American” …

    I know that WASP and traditional British are not synonymous, but they are pretty close, so I wonder if you’ve seen, which advocates for the British-descended British? I remember reading there some years ago a rather good defense of the unwritten British constitution, and the site still seems to be active and still seems to have the same balance of breezy, upbeat and easily digestible style, yet leading on to deeper things for those who are interested. This format looks easy but is hard to get right.

    I myself am no more than a tiny fraction WASP, but my experience with a WASP friend whom I had to convince there is nothing shameful in being a WASP showed me what you mean about the WASPs having absorbed the negative stereotypes. It took a couple of years of me recalling the achievements of the founding New Englanders for her to start chiming in with her own suppressed memories of family history. Sadly, neither she nor her family seem that interested in recreating the glory years, but maybe someone somewhere is, WASP or not.

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    1. Thanks for visiting and for your comment. It’s sad that your WASP friend has bought the stereotypes, and that seems to be a common thing, though I’ve noted that there are more blog pieces being written which give recognition to the contributions of WASPs or Anglo-Americans.

      Thanks for mentioning the ‘Brits at Their Best’ blog; I thought I had added to my blogroll but I may not have. If not I will add it. I’m familiar with the blog and they do good work.


  2. This is a good message

    I hope the moral portions of the English stock around the world realize their great untapped potential for positive cultural development. An Anglo-Puritan moral campaign that deals with modern theological-science problems would be the best thing to happen to a degenerate world.

    Thanks for your special blog.

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