Scots-Irish vs. English Americans

At The Right Stuff, Lawrence Murray writes a good piece about Jim Webb and his book on the Scots-Irish, titled ‘Born Fighting.’ It’s well worth reading.

In a discussion thread , a reader called Anglo Billy left a comment:


I don’t know ‘Anglo Billy’, and I trust he won’t mind my quoting his comment. It appears we are of the same mind when it comes to the subject under discussion. It’s heartening when somebody speaks up in favor of the ‘WASP’ or English-descended Americans. A big thanks to Anglo Billy.

I’m not engaging in a vendetta against the Scots-Irish or the Ulster Scots; it’s only because (in the words of Lawrence Murray’s article linked above) of

…Webb’s identitarian separation of the Scots-Irish from the broader “WASP” group as a disdained provincial working people of distinct ancestral and class origins from those of the East Coast elite and Southern slaver-aristocracy…”

This is a fairly recent phenomenon, as I’ve written here repeatedly, and it has primarily been promoted by a few writers of Scots-Irish origin: Grady McWhiney, the Kennedy brothers, and Forrest McDonald, among others. See blogger ‘N/A’s analysis of the Celtic thesis here.

Yet that thesis has gained a lot of traction, and it has reached the point where people say, in all earnestness, that the ‘Celts made the South’. It has begun almost to parallel Afrocentrism in the tendency to claim anyone of note as being ‘Celtic’, such as the aforementioned General Robert E. Lee, who was in fact of English stock. (I do notice that the ‘Celtic South’ advocates haven’t yet claimed Bill Clinton as being one of them, though his mother was a Cassidy.)

The ‘Celtic South’ controversy, in which the role of English-descended people has all but been denied, serves to further the anti-Anglo agenda. The South, believe it or not, was not always divided on an ethnic basis as it is now becoming.

We’ve heard at length from the Scots-Irish side of things, and for the sake of balance someone has to speak up for the Anglo-Saxon population of the South, both in the historical perspective and in the present. As ‘Anglo Billy’ says, not all WASPs are elitist rich folks; most are not part of an effete aristocracy; they come from all levels of society.

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