‘We too are English’


“We too are English; and all the far-descended honors of the English name are ours by inheritance. It is our pride that “Chatham’s language is our mother tongue ;” that when Edward scattered the hosts of France at Poitiers and Henry at Agincourt, and when Wolfe scaled the heights of Abraham, it was our blood that was poured forth like water on those glorious fields. We were proud of the victories of Wellington in Spain, and we were proud to meet his heroes at New Orleans, and to show that we were not degenerate. It is not the least of our pride, that, while our race reads lessons to the world in philosophy, in science, in mechanic skill, in the arts of government, in Christian morality, in all that makes for the temporal and eternal happiness of man, we are far behind in the light and frivolous arts which do but tickle the ear and please the eye. “ – Nathaniel Beverley Tucker, of Virginia

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