‘Restore WASP America’

From Brett Stevens, another good piece advocating for the restoration of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant America. This theme is being discussed more and more of late, as I noted yesterday, and this piece links to the Alternative Right post I linked to yesterday, about Hawthorne, Lovecraft, and the Puritans.

Stevens notes the failure of the ‘post-WASP’ America and suggests a return to the WASP order of things.

Like most actual changes, as opposed to symbolic and trivial alterations to an otherwise unchanged path, this idea seems controversial or even laughable. But the facts of history speak to us: WASP America was sane, decent and competent. Post-WASP America is none of these things. If we wish to survive — do we? — the course for us is in discarding all of the post-WASP order, and resurrecting the methods that worked.”

Read the entire article at the link, if you haven’t already done so.




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