Hawthorne, Lovecraft, and Puritans

Not many these days have a positive word or even a neutral word to say about Puritans and Puritanism, so the following passage is a rare find:

”Puritanism[…]was and is a sort of alt Protestantism—a Christian sect devoid of superficial, “feel good” messages and instead replete with rational intolerance. The Puritans saw life as nothing more than a painful existence totally dedicated to glorifying their covenant with God. More importantly for Hawthorne, the Puritans and their stern religion were native to New England, and as such their ideas and their descendants had rightful claims to American life, politics, and culture. America, in many ways, is an offshoot of the Puritan model.’

Again, the topic of America’s Anglo-Saxon roots has long been a subject which is out of favor, though we are seeing a slight trend lately toward revisiting those roots, and not just to vilify the ‘WASP,’ which has been a popular pastime for some years.

”Although it’s a thoughtcrime to recognize this today, it is undoubtedly true that our country’s English settlers gave us our laws, our folkways, our customs, and our language. Furthermore, when it comes to assimilation, the immigrants who have the easiest time are either English or come from similar cultures (see: Northern Europe). ‘

The title of the piece from which this comes is Hawthorne and Lovecraft: Two Who Rode the Tiger. It’s by Ben Welton, and it’s at Alternative Right.
Don’t miss it.

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