‘Albion Awakening’

Bruce Charlton has a new blog, Albion Awakening.  There are two other contributors, John Fitzgerald and William Wildblood. I am adding it to my blogroll.

The first post is titled ‘The destiny of England‘, and it is very much of interest to me and relevant to the theme of this blog.

The English people have a destiny – that much seems clear; and the English diaspora in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa presumably inherit it.

England has been recognized as a favoured nation since at least the Roman era – this fact is extensively recorded. But why? Presumably because of that destiny – which became manifest with the industrial revolution, beginning to wind-up from around the middle of the 1700s and leading to the biggest change in the human condition since the invention of agriculture which is lost in pre-history.”

Read the rest there.

I’ve read Bruce Charlton’s other blogs over the years, and though his viewpoints don’t always coincide with mine, I find his writings thought-provoking and stimulating. And his theme at the new blog is an important one to anyone who cares about England and about, in Charlton’s words, the English diaspora.



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