Woven into the texture of the nation…

The following is from John Esten Cook’s Virginia, A History of the People.

Cook, John Esten_virginiahistoryofthepeople_01cook_0013


First, note the obvious second sentence, which says that the New England colonists and the Virginia colonists were descended from the same English stock. This was the view held by most reputable scholars up until the middle of last century, contra the more recent crop of revisionists who hold to other, novel ideas, ideas which are not based, by the way, on any real new data, but on personal biases in many cases.

The last sentence notably says that the characteristics of those English colonists are ‘woven into the texture of the nation, and are ineradicable.’ Are they ineradicable? I would like to think so, but it appears that the mind-conditioning efforts of the powers-that-be are severely testing this idea. They have tried, by dumbing down the ‘educational’ system, making it little more than a propaganda-delivery system, and by salting the entertainment media with lies and half-truths, to eliminate all trace of the character of the original-stock colonists of this nation.

The result is a nation of people who have more years of schooling, including graduate school for many Americans, than their ancestors had, but who are for all that, less knowledgeable and well-informed than their forebears who had eight-grade educations. Never have so many had so much ‘education’ and so little knowledge of factual information, much less Truth.

And people are more sure of their ”facts” than ever before, making them less open to revising what they think and ‘know.’ They read it in a popular best-seller ‘history’ book by a liberal professor. They saw it in a Hollywood movie, thus they know it to be true. Those old writers and historians? They were backward and ignorant. Those were yesterday’s facts, superseded by today’s ”facts” and factoids, things that ‘everybody knows.’

It would be a great thing if everyone had access to DNA testing to ascertain the truth of these various popular theories of American ancestral origins — like the idea that ‘Germans are the most common ethnicity in the United States’ or ‘The South is Scots-Irish and Celtic’ or ‘Most black Americans have White blood, from the slave-masters.’ Yes, even people on ‘race-realist’ forums are fond of saying that.

Absent good family tree documentation or DNA testing nobody really knows for sure. Yet everyone is sure they know.

But can genetic characteristics, manifested in a people’s culture, persist for generations? Or is it only a romantic fantasy that those traits are preserved through time to a certain extent?

If we say no, those traits die out, being destroyed by ‘culture’ or environment, then what happens to those genetic traits? Does a family line or an ethnic group become re-invented when it is transplanted to a different place, or over the passing of centuries? Is there then such a thing as ‘magic dirt’ that transmutes a  people into a different people?

There is some interplay between genes and environment, it seems, but we can’t say that environment is all as the ‘magic dirt’ believers or the blank-slate cult holds.

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