St. George’s Day

St. George's Day
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It’s a little late to commemorate St. George’s Day, as it’s just passed. But it is a day which brings into relief the ‘demotion’ of England within the ‘United Kingdom’. The St. George’s flag, being a symbol of England and the English, is now in disrepute, in somewhat the same way as our Confederate battle flag is under attack, and for the same reason: it is being called a “racist” symbol.

How can the St. George’s flag be a ”racist” flag, while the familiar Union Jack, known to most Americans as the British symbol, is not? Surely it was a symbol of a monoracial, White, Christian country as is the now-censured St. George’s flag? Well, because the Union Jack was the symbol of an empire, as it were, a multinational kingdom at first, which contained not just the core people, the English, but the Scots, the Welsh, the Cornish, and the Ulster people. Then as the British Empire became world-spanning, containing people of all races, the very term British has become stretched to include all races who either were part of the old Commonwealth, and now to include anyone, virtually anyone, who has managed to get to Britain and establish himself there, by legal or illegal means. There are Moslems who claim to be ”British” and Hindus, Pakistanis, Chinese, Fijians, Caribbeans, Nepalese, the list could go on. The media obliges by describing even convicted foreign terrorists as ”British men” because they had a British address and spoke English.

Thus does a national identity become stripped of any real meaning. British means everything and thus nothing. However, were I to go to England, despite my English ancestry, I would forever be a Yank, and would have to jump through many hoops to establish residency there. I can document my ancestry for many generations and my family names are names known in England, but I have less claim there than any third-worlder.

Similarly in this country, anyone and everyone can be an ‘American’, and though that is wrong, it is still less wrong than in the case of England or any European country, because those countries were always monoracial states, and not “nations of immigrants” as America is now declared to be and to always have been.

Now the Confederate battle flag is under attack and it will someday have to be hidden if the owner doesn’t wish to be arrested and prosecuted for possessing a ”hate symbol” or some such odious nonsense. It may be the same with the St. George’s flag in England, because it’s clear that the English people are to be consigned to the memory hole, just as it’s hoped in this country that the Southron people will be sucked into the multicult blender and written out of history.

The Anglosphere countries are all under the same attack, and we must learn to make common cause with our Anglosphere cousins. This is not the time to bear silly grudges based on past (sometimes contrived) grievances.

Southrons, we should feel more sympathy with our English cousins because we are, like it or not, of the same stock for the most part, and because it’s not the Scots who are being made second-class citizens as Southrons here are; it’s the English. The Scots St. Andrew’s cross can still fly. The Scots have their own parliament. They are also, for the most part, devoted leftists who have a socialist ”national party’, while the English are the last somewhat conservative nationality in Britain. Personally, though most English have been taught to revere their ‘Union’ as Americans have been taught to worship our ‘Union’, I would like to see all the constituent nations go their own way. Let the Scots have their socialist multiculturalist nation, likewise the Welsh, and let the English go their way, and be free to reclaim their national symbols and heritage without condemnation from their multinational ‘countrymen.’

2 thoughts on “St. George’s Day

  1. Good article. I think there really is an effort by some to attempt to break up England itself. In my opinion it is probably important to defend Cornwall as part of England because if Cornwall separated I think there is no way it would stop there. There are people even now who are agitating to also try to break off Northern England.
    I found an article on the Huffington Post of all places with some interesting maps showing the percentage of English and Celtic identifiers in England. According to the maps everywhere within the traditional borders of the Kingdom of England, except cities overrun with “diversity”, a majority of people identify as English. This includes Cornwall though there are also a higher percentage of Celtic identifiers there the amount is under 20 percent.


    1. Thanks for your comment and for the interesting links. Very informative.
      It’s encouraging that there are so many people identifying as English even as that ethnicity is increasingly being undermined and stigmatized. The Scots nationalists are petty little grudge-bearers if they are looking to break up England. I think it’s analogous to the way Whites are being marginalized and attempts at their blending -away; the English are viewed as a threat by the Scots and the rest.
      I know there is an English nationalist movement, small though it may be and I hope it continues to grow. If every other ethnicity is insisting on their right to sovereignty then the English deserve at least that much and they should not have to cede ground to the Scots et al.
      Incidentally I still haven’t figured out how the comments work on the Old Inheritance blog; the theme baffles me, as to how to configure it.


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